• Is there a right amount of perfume or cologne to spray?

    Wearing perfume, cologne or post-shaving cream may help you feel more masculine, yet there is a secret to applying it. Mastering that secret means realizing that “wearing cologne” does not equal “bathing in it.” While women are usually attracted to a good looking man, a man who has soaked himself in cologne can be a total mood killer, regardless of how attractive he is. A lot of scent can likewise be aggravating in different ways.

    giorgio armani cologneIndividuals will begin to keep their distance from any person they can smell from the walkways, and your pals won’t have any desire to be stuck in a car with you on fun road trips. It may also affect one’s wellbeing: Excessive amounts of colognes or perfumes can trigger asthma or headaches to potentially very sensitive unsuspecting individuals.

    Whatever you do, do not attempt to use perfume or cologne as a substitute for cleanser. Nothing can cover awful body odor, and people around you will rapidly notice the funk you’re attempting to conceal. The usage of colognes ought to be only a complement to your daily cleansing rituals.

    Compared to perfumes, cologne is one of the lighter types of fragrance as far as the fixation and quality of the fragrant oils it contains. In any case, colognes can even now have heavier scents. This page here has a very good list of some of the best colognes for both personal and office use. At the point of application, spray a little onto your neck, simply over your collarbone and a little bit on your wrist. Let the warmth of your body trigger the fragrance. In case you’re worried about spraying on too much, the best trick is to spray a little into the air, then walk through it. This will make the fragrance more equally distributed. Even if you cannot smell it on you immediately after, do not spray more. It can take a decent 20 minutes for the fragrance to truly emerge.

    Personally, my favorite cologne is still Polo Blue because of its lighter scent that doesn’t smell overpowering at all. Additionally be mindful of the kind of fragrance you’re wearing depending on your plan for the day. In the day, it is ideal to wear lighter, citrusy scents which are fresh and energising. At night, you can bring out your muskier, heavier cologne or perfume. Be mindful when applying spicier scents however, in light of the fact that they can get more grounded the more you wear them. A little can really go far.

    In any case if you think you have sprayed on too much, take a wet cloth and rub off the areas where you have applied your cologne or perfume. The water should dissolve the scent a little and you should be able to sense a noticeably lighter scent. If in doubt, always know that less is more, as your nose tends to get accustomed to your scent after a while, that does not mean that the people around you won’t notice your presence. This is especially true for heavier perfumes or colognes which tend to have base notes such as vanilla and musk that linger around for much longer, even after you’re gone.

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