• The Best And Most Practical Mattress Types Today

    memory-foam-mattressIf you want to get a good night’s sleep, you should probably start with the mattress and pillow that you’re using. The deepest sleep is based on mainly 3 essential factors, which are the temperature of the room, the comfort of your bed (i.e pillow and mattress) and the level of mental stress that you’re having. Ideally, to help regulate the temperature of your body, you’ll want a suitable mattress depending on what the climate is like.

    For example, if it’s summer time and it’s very hot in your country (above 30 degree Celsius), you should probably avoid getting a foam or memory foam type of mattress. This is because these types of mattresses tend to trap heat much more easily compared to other types of more common mattresses like airbeds, inner spring or waterbeds. Once you’ve determined which market type is suitable for you, you should then consider the firmness of the mattress that you plan on getting. This is especially important because the firmness determines how hard the pressure points on your body are being pushed against. If the pressure is too high, your body will be out of alignment and you’ll end up with a spine that isn’t ideally curved or tensed up shoulders, all of which will take a toll on your body and subsequently your health in the long term.

    On the other hand, if your mattress is too soft and isn’t supporting those aforementioned pressure points, your body will sink or flop and that can potentially be even worse than a mattress that’s too firm. The way to know whether the mattress is just right for you or whether you need to buy yourself a new mattress is to monitor your condition every morning right after you wake up. Do you feel any aches or pain as you stretch in the morning? If you do, it is likely that the mattress is the culprit.

    The best mattress for you would be one that feels as if you’re sleeping on air, or one that feels so comfortable as if you’re sleeping on an endless sea of feathers. Sleeping experts have suggested that you try out each and every mattress in the store to note all the differences between them before purchasing one. When you lay down upon a mattress, trust what your brain tells you. If you feel uneasy on the mattress, regardless of how expensive or “optimum” it is, then that’s not the right mattress for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should test each mattress for a couple of seconds before moving on to the next. Lay down and stretch yourself fully on it and see how it feels. Take your time doing this because you’ll potentially be spending a significant amount of your time sleeping on it every night.

    Our personal recommendations include memory foam (http://www.mattressdebunked.com/the-best-memory-foam-mattress-a-buyers-comparison-guide/) and latex mattresses mainly because they have the best back support and they’re also bouncy, which makes it more suitable if you plan on performing any night activities on them. Further, innerspring mattress are some of the oldest types that have been around since eons ago. They’re also the most widely used so you can take comfort knowing that there are millions of other users using the same mattress as you.

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