• What A Great Mouse Really Does To Your Gaming Performance

    razer deathadder chroma mouseFinding a great gaming mouse is akin to finding an excellent eatery or niche restaurant that not many people know about. First of all though, I’m going to do a quick run-through on that you ought to be looking out for in a gaming mouse. Many gamers (even competitive ones) are misguided and have been made to think that the higher the DPI of a mouse, the better it is simply because it’s more accurate. This is completely false and the perception has generally come about due to the constant advertising by gaming companies that this is the case. This is also precisely why the latest mice are always having a higher DPI level than their predecessors. It’s merely a marketing gimmick more than anything else and unfortunately, more than enough gamers have been tricked into thinking this way.

    Hopefully, with my explanation here, you’ll be able to tell the true differences between a good gaming mouse and one that’s merely sub-par at best. There are also other wireless gaming mice compared side by side here at this link. The DPI of a gaming mouse doesn’t really matter because anything above say, 5000 is overkill and because most mice these days have that, you don’t have to worry about looking out specifically for it. More importantly, you should be considering the comfort level of the mouse. Of course, it is recommended that you try out the mouse for yourself before purchasing it but that might not be practical for some people so I’ll try my best to tell you what to look out for.

    Look at the overall design of the mouse. Is it an ambidextrous mouse or one that has proper curves to fit the hand nicely. Ambidextrous mice tend to have a very rigid structure which forces the hand to fit the mouse rather than the other way around. Because such mice are created in order to account to both right and left-handed users, they generally do not feel very comfortable and can be obtrusive for seasoned gamers.

    A good gaming mouse should always be slightly curved at the sides and cannot be entirely symmetrical. That’s good ergonomics. Take, for instance, the older Razer DeathAdder i.e the one before the 2013 edition. It comes in both a right-handed and left-handed edition. The DeathAdder has superb ergonomics for both versions and that’s precisely why the DeathAdder remains one of the best mice for left-handed users.

    Ambidextrous mice are never ideal for gaming and anyone who claims otherwise has probably never used one that’s been crafted specifically for a gamer.

    Lastly, another aspect you have to look at would be the number of extra buttons that a gaming mouse comes with. The most conventional mouse would only have 2 main buttons, plus the scroll wheel in the middle. Gaming mice however cater specifically to gamers and most will include at least a total of 5 buttons. These additional buttons would be especially useful for binding your macros or for taking over some of your keyboard functions. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars require you to use a ton of skills and magic spells. With just your keyboard, you’ll find that you’ll run out of space soon to place your shortcut keys. Many gamers resort to using a combination of the ALT or SHIFT keys to increase their number of key bindings but those can be difficult to execute at times, particularly when the battles get intense. With a good mouse that has these additional programmable buttons, you can easily execute your commands with a click of a button or two. So, that’s it. This is precisely why a good gaming mouse will benefit a gamer and since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re one as well.

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